2019 RAC Survey Summaries

2019 EU, US, and CAN RAC Survey data is summarized in dashboards below.

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The vast majority of respondents were pleased with the classes and presenters.

Notable trends:

1. The US RAC program attracted professionals not only from across California, but also from Texas and British Columbia (Canada). This assumes that location data is accurate and not an artifact of VPN usage.

2. Out of the 6 (CAN/EU) or 11 (US) surveys sent out, a majority of participants (62%) responded to up to 2 surveys for their given program. Survey submission decreased over the course of the programs with most responses being submitted in the first week.

3. Most participants rated the class based on the quality of the information learned, presenters expertise, and presenters presentation skills.

4. 10% of participants (5 out of 50) signed up for two different RAC programs.